Not only the interrogation room, even the people outside the one-way glass were stunned. Gou Li murmured, “What the hell? What’s going on?” Hu Weisheng seemed to be sitting on an electric chair, his features twitching strangely, making his already uneven eyebrows and eyes appear even more crooked. His hoarse breathing was audible: “That guy named Jiang didn’t follow the rules. He got what he deserved. It was bound to happen to him…” “What kind of person is his brother? A police officer? Prosecutor? Or a judge? What does ’not following the rules’ mean? Who are the people who have interrogated you? Are there any unwritten rules within the Gongzhou system?” There was a banging sound outside the one-way glass. Qin Chuan knocked on the window and yelled into his Bluetooth earpiece, “Lao Yan!” Yan Yin ignored it, only seeing Hu Weisheng tightly gripping the cigarette butt, gritting his teeth and repeating incessantly, “I don’t want to die, I didn’t commit a capital offense, I was just taken to fetch the goods. They can’t burn the bridge after crossing the river, killing the one surnamed Jiang, and then coming to kill…” “Who took you to get the goods? Where did you get them? Who wants to kill Jiang Ting?” Yan Yin stood up abruptly, almost approaching Hu Weisheng’s face. “Speak quickly! Otherwise, if I let you go, being run over on the highway will be your fate tomorrow!”

If Jiang Ting were here, he might have slapped Yan Yin’s face when he shouted, “let you go,” and took back the rest of his words. In hindsight, Yan Yin regretted ignoring his own shouting. His original intention was just to intimidate the suspect one last time, but the reality proved that the textbooks from police school were countless summaries of experiences and truths - any slight mistake in the criminal interrogation phase could lead to a complete failure. Hu Weisheng instinctively looked at the bloody crime scene photo in front of Yan Yin: “‘Sanchun Flower Tree’ on Yihe Road, they said the new merchandise is from…” Suddenly, he stopped. Yan Yin watched as his expression changed dramatically, like an absurd silent play, from pale to red, from red to purple, and finally almost turning iron-blue. Two words squeezed out of his mouth: “Not right.” Yan Yin’s heart sank. “…You’re lying to me… How dare you lie to me… You fucking dare to play me! This isn’t… I’ll fucking kill you! I fucking want to kill you, you fucking son of a bitch! You–” The handcuffs and iron chair clanged together. Seeing that something was wrong, the criminal investigator pushed the door open and rushed in. Two or three people forcibly restrained Hu Weisheng, who had turned red and was thick-necked. Dirty curses and screams burst out of his mouth, making the chaotic interrogation room unbearable to listen to. “Fuck, you fucking cops, sucking oil out of my bones, you won’t die a good death…” “Lao Yan?” Qin Chuan entered quickly. “Are you okay? What’s going on?” “…” Yan Yin stared at the photo in front of him, unable to say anything. His mind was blank, with only his subconscious spinning rapidly. Something was wrong, but what was wrong? The person had been ground into minced meat, the entire scene hardly showing any distinguishable human tissue, let alone any physical features. The only remaining half of a head in an inconspicuous corner of the frame was the back of the head, covered in blood, which even his mother wouldn’t recognize. Hu Weisheng had clearly been frightened, so what made him suddenly discern that something was wrong? Which detail in the image made him firmly believe that this pile of minced meat was not his accomplice? “Lao Yan!” Qin Chuan slapped him on the shoulder. “What are you doing? Are you going crazy?” Bang! Yan Yin stood up, the folding chair making a harsh noise as it rubbed against the floor. He could only say, “I understand.” Qin Chuan furrowed his brows. “…Understand what?” “She’s a woman.” Hu Weisheng’s shouting and cursing suddenly stopped. “The only identifiable feature in this picture is the short hair, but your accomplice is a woman with long hair. So, when Feng Yuguang got off the car in a drug-induced frenzy, she couldn’t hold him back. And your protection of your accomplice is not only because you’re afraid that she, being a woman, can’t withstand interrogation, but also because you have an emotional connection between you.” Yan Yin emphasized each word, “You like her.” Hu Weisheng’s lips trembled, as if the person who had just been raging and stomping was replaced by someone else. Yan Yin casually stuffed the photo into Qin Chuan’s arms. “Shift the focus of the investigation immediately to Hu Weisheng’s romantic relationships, including financial transactions, interactions with tenants, any opposite-sex individuals who have appeared by his side, ranging from sixty to sixteen, don’t let a single one go. Immediately!” · Sanchun Flower Tree.

The boss did his best with the name, but the nightclub was still a nightclub, lacking any hint of elegance. The dance floor was illuminated by flashing lights, the bar was bustling with activity, and the DJ on the second floor was rocking his head. The background melody was powerful, like a pile driver on a construction site. Even discreet communication was challenging here, let alone hearing someone shout loudly just a couple of steps away.

“A Macallan 25, neat. Skip the process and bring it straight up.” Yan Yin casually inserted a few banknotes into the seductive cleavage of the female bartender. “This is for you.”

The female bartender, with her eyes seductively adorned, skillfully glanced at Yan Yin’s wristwatch, then turned away with a smile.

“The operative is in position, and the informant is moving towards your location.” Laughter erupted from the earpiece, young voices full of abandon, followed by Qin Chuan’s teasing, “Your last move just exhausted half a month’s budget for your team. Director Wei will have to go to the hospital to check his high blood pressure again.”

Yan Yin looked up and gazed into the distance, but from his position, all he could see was a chaotic crowd.

“Forget it, it’s always me who pays. It’s not like we have enough budget in our bureau. What about the informant?”

Qin Chuan said, “Coming over.”

“Hey handsome, are you alone tonight?” The female bartender twisted her slender waist and turned back, pouring half a glass of whisky. With her bright red nails, she lightly brushed Yan Yin’s hand, glancing at him with a smile. “Where’s your girlfriend? How come she let you come out alone?”

Yan Yin’s lips curled. “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

The ambiguous lighting made his facial features appear exceptionally profound. He looked like a suave wealthy businessman, yet exuded a strong and rugged masculinity. The female bartender became even happier, taking the opportunity to sit on his lap, her snowy arm adorned with fake golden screw bracelets draping over his shoulder. “What a coincidence, I’m also alone tonight.”

Just as she was about to sit down completely, a panting fat man squeezed through the crowd, his gaze scanning the surroundings until it landed on Yan Yin. He immediately made a throat-slitting gesture.

“Busy with business, babe. I’ll come find you later.” Yan Yin patted the female bartender’s buttocks, lifting her up from his lap, and smiled like a carefree rascal. After swiping his card, he casually placed the nearly full glass of Macallan back into her ample bosom. “Keep it for me.”

Qin Chuan said, “Lao Yan, you rogue deliberately taking advantage of others, hahaha—”

Yan Yin’s smile remained unchanged, gritting his teeth at the corner of his mouth. “Be objective. I can charge at least fifty thousand with this face of mine. Who’s taking advantage of whom?”

Qin Chuan laughed heartily, “Hahahaha—”

The sweaty fat man, not sure if it was due to the heat or nervousness, stepped forward to the beat of the pulsating drums and shouted loudly at Yan Yin, “The nightclub’s top prince?!”

“…” Yan Yin said, “If it wasn’t for you, surname Qin, I’d definitely screw you to death…”

“Come, come, who’s screwing who? Come on!” Qin Chuan urged.

The fat man rubbed his hands awkwardly, his eyes not quite eyes and his nose not quite nose. Seeing that the fat man was extremely nervous, Yan Yin lifted his chin, gesturing for him to drink the untouched Macallan. The fat man immediately raised it and downed it in one gulp, sticking out his tongue and exhaling forcefully, giving Yan Yin a thumbs-up. “Good stuff! Alright, let’s go!”

Yan Yin stood up, and the fat man led him through the snow-white arms and legs of the crowded dance floor. Along the way, Yan Yin didn’t know how much oil he had been wiped with, but he only heard the fat man whisper in his ear, “Qin-ge said you want high-quality goods?”

Yan Yin coldly replied, “I want ‘blue goods’.”

The fat man didn’t understand, leaning close to Yan Yin’s ear and saying, “I can see that you’re knowledgeable, but there are aspects of this business that outsiders won’t understand. If things go wrong and I can’t cover it up, you’ll ruin me. So when we meet the person, you mustn’t say a word. Let me do all the talking, and follow my lead. Understand? If you do, just nod. If you can’t do it, we’ll leave right now. Okay?”

Yan Yin nodded.

The fat man hesitated, not feeling reassured. He looked Yan Yin up and down before finally couldn’t help but ask, “Are you really a government employee?”

Yan Yin retorted, “Do you need to see my identification?”

“No, no need.” The fat man glanced at the watch on Yan Yin’s wrist and muttered resentfully, “An imitation… looks just like the real thing.”

Yan Yin sneered.

They made their way through the dazzling lights of the dance floor, bypassed a booth, and a massive screen. The deafening music suddenly became quieter. Sparks flickered in the dark ahead, and Yan Yin abruptly stopped in his tracks, realizing that two henchmen were standing by the stairs leading to the second floor. One had dyed his hair in the trendy silver-gray color and was currently lighting a cigarette, while the other had red hair and stood with his hands behind his back.

The fat man whispered, “Don’t move. Stay put.” Then he approached them, smiling all over his face, and murmured a few words to the red-haired man.

Qin Chuan’s voice came through the earpiece, “The guy with gray hair is called Fei Long, and the one with red hair is known as Kong Zai. They are both bodyguards. They will take you upstairs for the transaction. Once you see the ‘blue goods,’ immediately click the earpiece three times to send the signal. Be careful with the payment for the transaction. It’s your own money, and if it gets stolen, Director Wei won’t reimburse you.”

Yan Yin snorted to indicate that he understood.

In just a few seconds, there seemed to be a problem with the communication between the red-haired man and the fat man. They had a small argument, and the red-haired man turned around, repeatedly waving his hand. “This person is new. Do you dare to bring him here to make a purchase?”

The fat man said, “Kong, he was introduced by my buddy. He’s reliable, and he’s loaded!…”

“It’s fine. This kid does have money.” Gray Hair whispered to Red Hair, “Just now, he opened a tab of over twenty thousand. He didn’t even consult the manager. The commission was directly recorded on the bar’s account. I’m betting he’s here for that little girl…”

Finally convinced, Red Hair beckoned to Yan Yin.

Yan Yin remained standing, unmoving.

Yan Yin was perfectly suited for undercover work in this kind of entertainment venue: the disguise was readily available and genuine, the expenses incurred during undercover operations didn’t need reimbursement or any signing procedures, and most importantly, he had an arrogant sense of superiority, the kind that made people want to smack him hard with the sole of their shoe. It was an air of a privileged second-generation rich that couldn’t be imitated by any other undercover agent.

“Hey, you! Come on!” Red Hair impatiently called out to him.

Yan Yin took a drag of his cigarette and glanced at him with a look that said, “Who the hell do you think you are, ordering me around?” Red Hair frowned and reached out to grab him. “Come over here. We won’t harm you. Just stand here.”

Yan Yin swiftly dodged. “What are you doing? Hands off!”

“Frisk him! Frisk him, bro!” Red Hair exclaimed in frustration. “You’re a newcomer. No one knows you. Can we just let you in like this? After the search, we’ll take you downstairs to see the goods. Don’t worry, it won’t take two minutes!”

Yan Yin hesitated for a moment, glancing at the fat man. The fat man clearly hadn’t anticipated this search either, and his face instantly turned pale. Luckily, at that moment, the stage lights swept past them.

Qin Chuan asked through the earpiece, “What’s happening?”

Yan Yin instinctively wanted to raise his hand to take off the earpiece, but as soon as he made a move, he forcefully restrained himself under the gaze of Red Hair.

“Come on, cooperate. We’re just following the rules.” Gray Hair flicked the ash off his cigarette and lamented, “The heat is on recently. Just a couple of days ago, they said some idiot got high and died on the street from a hit… sigh, what a mess. We’re just trying to make a living, and it’s not easy for anyone…”

Yan Yin discreetly took a half-step back.

“Don’t waste time talking to him. What does he know?” Red Hair became impatient. “Hey, you! Move it, there are people waiting downstairs to place their orders. Once you’re done, we can all leave. Don’t tell me you’re hiding something on you?”

Trembling, the fat man called out, “Kong, Kong Ge…”

As soon as that sound came out, Yan Yin knew it was going to be bad.

Sure enough, both Red Hair and Gray Hair looked at Yan Yin and then at the fat man, suddenly sensing that something was amiss in the unusually nervous tone. “What are you afraid of?”

The fat man hesitated, unable to speak.

“Damn it, could he really be hiding something?”

Now not only Red Hair, but even Gray Hair stood up from the sofa. They exchanged skeptical glances and then approached.

Yan Yin’s pupils suddenly contracted, and in a matter of three seconds, it felt as if time had stretched. An invisible string in the air tightened, making an increasingly piercing sound as it reached its breaking point…

What should he do? Run?

Or fight?!

Red Hair walked straight up to him. “Hey, you…”


-The string snapped.

Everything happened in the same second. Loud cheers suddenly erupted from a nearby booth, followed by thunderous laughter that was almost deafening. Immediately after, the screen was crashed open.

Red Hair, Gray Hair, and Yan Yin all turned around simultaneously.

A figure with its back facing them, drunkenly waved its hand and scattered a handful of banknotes. Countless pink bills danced under the dazzling lights, accompanied by the dazzling electronic confetti. Half of the nightclub was in an uproar, with dozens of scantily clad champagne models pushing and jostling each other in the shower of money, screaming with delight.

“Holy…,” Red Hair muttered, “shit…”

Everyone was stunned. They saw the prodigal spender, still laughing heartily, stumbling backward. Then he suddenly turned around and bumped into Yan Yin, and the two of them fell into the booth together.

“Hey, handsome, it’s just you!” The person pounced on Yan Yin, a blurry smile on his face. “Come here for a kiss, don’t hide, hahaha!”

“What the f…!” Yan Yin caught a glimpse of the two henchmen catching up, and immediately, he knew it was going to be a disaster.

Red Hair, with a stunned expression, looked at Yan Yin, then at the fat man. Suddenly, he sensed that something was off from that particularly guilty tone. “What are you scared of?”

The fat man remained silent.

“Damn it, could he really be hiding something?”

Not only Red Hair, but even Gray Hair stood up from the sofa. They exchanged doubtful glances and then walked over.

Yan Yin’s pupils suddenly tightened, and in just three seconds, it felt as if time had stretched out. There was an invisible string in the air that kept pulling tighter and tighter, gradually emitting a piercing sound, nearing its breaking point…

What should he do? Run?

Or fight?!

Red Hair walked up directly in front of him. “Hey, you…”


-The string snapped.

All the unexpected events happened in the same second. Suddenly, a loud cheer erupted from a nearby booth, followed by thunderous laughter, and immediately after, the screen was forcefully pushed open.

Red Hair, Gray Hair, and Yan Yin all turned their heads at the same time.

A figure with its back facing them was wildly throwing a handful of banknotes. Uncountable pink bills danced in the dazzling lights, accompanied by flashy electronic fireworks. Half of the nightclub was in an uproar, with dozens of scantily dressed champagne models pushing and shoving, fighting for the money, screaming with excitement.

“What the…,” Red Hair murmured, “fuck…”

Everyone was stunned, watching the prodigal spender laugh heartily. He staggered backward and then suddenly turned around, bumping into Yan Yin, and the two of them tumbled into the booth together.

" "

Soft lips clearly landed on Yan Yin’s earlobe, followed by a skillful tongue delicately licking into the ear canal— the warm, moist, and hot sensation made Yan Yin freeze. He realized something— the listening device!

“…” Yan Yin’s gaze slowly turned, and he saw Jiang Ting’s cheek just inches away. In the interplay of lights and shadows, there was not a trace of drunkenness on his face. He was even sober and composed to a somewhat hardened extent. Then, there was a slight movement in his throat.

He swallowed the earpiece, Yan Yin thought.