Yan Yin looked up and assessed Wen Shao, then lowered his head and asked Jiang Ting, “Can he fight?”

Jiang Ting, unusually stunned, instinctively looked towards the front windshield, but couldn’t resist shifting his gaze to Yan Yin, his eyes wavering back and forth several times before regaining his composure, shaking his head. “He’s alright, average!”

Yan Yin didn’t let go of his tone and said, “Just about as good as Fang Pian J!”

Yan Yin: “…”

“You’re the best fighter!” Jiang Ting exclaimed loudly.

Wen Shao swung his hand, using the chain of the handcuffs to twist around Yan Yin’s wrist, immediately tearing the skin and causing blood to flow. In severe pain, Yan Yin instinctively let go of the roof rack, and his half-body was lifted by the wind. Fortunately, he held on tightly with his other hand and, in mid-air, swept his leg horizontally!

Bang! Wen Shao raised his arm, directly blocking the lightning-fast whip kick, emitting a dull impact sound.

Although his lower body was extremely stable, under the fierce and heavy impact, he stumbled and almost fell off the car. Taking advantage of this moment, Yan Yin struggled to flip back onto the car, while Wen Shao cursed lowly, reaching into the car to search for the dagger that he didn’t know where it had fallen.

Jiang Ting shouted, “Yan Yin! Be careful!”

Before his words could fully sink in, Jiang Ting forcefully turned the steering wheel, and at the same time, made a dangerously sharp driving maneuver, pressing the side of the passenger seat tightly against the sharp mountainside. In an instant, there was a sharp scraping sound in the darkness, as sparks burst forth and the sound of metal friction tore through their eardrums. It was the edge of the car door hitting the rocks!

Wen Shao’s upper body was already inside the car, but one hand still gripped the edge of the roof. This way, as long as he grabbed the dagger, he could immediately use it to gain leverage and venture back outside. However, this also meant that his back was completely exposed, and he was on the verge of being crushed between the car and the rock crevice!

His fingertips were already touching the blade, and in that instant, he felt the danger. He abruptly let go of the dagger and exerted all his strength to leap onto the roof of the car. This reaction speed and explosive power were quite astonishing. Just as he reached the top of the car, a bright fire accompanied by a loud noise erupted. The car door was forcefully knocked off the vehicle by the mountainside, flying tens of meters away in an instant!


The distorted car door spun and landed, still rotating madly. Then, Han Xiaomei, who was following closely behind, collided with it and plummeted off the cliff.

If it had been half a second later, Wen Shao would have been crushed into a bloody mess. He raised his head and directly faced Yan Yin—now both of them were leaning on the roof, each holding onto one side of the roof rack, almost face to face.

“Fuck!” Yan Yin kicked hard. “Get the hell off!”

Wen Shao was kicked in the abdomen, and the wound from the two previous stabs by Jiang Ting in the same spot spewed blood. He groaned in pain, and at the same time, extended his arm, tightly gripping Yan Yin’s neck.

The two of them fought desperately on the limited space of the car roof, like two wild beasts. They couldn’t even see which body parts they were hitting on each other. Yan Yin was choked, his vision filled with golden stars. He desperately tried to pull Wen Shao’s elbow, feeling as if he was holding onto a scorching hot rock. The devilish voice rang in his ears, with every word seemingly squeezed out from between his teeth: “Didn’t expect it, huh? The first time I see my love rival, it’s a fight to the death between us, huh?”

Blood trickled down Wen Shao’s arm as a result of Yan Yin’s five fingers deeply digging into his muscles.

“You idiot,” Yan Yin struggled to speak in his restraints. “You’re fucking nothing… as a love rival!”

Suddenly, Yan Yin let go of the roof rack. It was a life-threatening move. In an instant, he lost any point of support, and he relied solely on gripping Wen Shao’s arm to prevent himself from slipping off the car. The next second, there was a loud bang! His fist landed heavily on Wen Shao’s rib, and the sound of compressed flesh being squeezed was instantly heard between the knuckles.

Wen Shao violently spat out blood, and Yan Yin flipped over, straddling him. He swung a punch at Wen Shao’s face!

Bang! Wen Shao’s head jerked to the side, and Yan Yin’s iron fist struck the roof, leaving four dents on the metal.

At that moment, the car suddenly jolted, and both of them instinctively glanced forward. The Jeep had already passed the checkpoint, and there were no more police cars ahead to illuminate the road. Lit by the yellow light from the car’s headlights, they vaguely saw a large black shadow extending from the side of the mountain, perfectly aligning with the car roof.

Was it a rock?!

If the car collided with the roadblock at this speed, it wouldn’t just be a head wound with blood flowing—it would be their entire heads flying off right then and there. Yan Yin cursed loudly and threw himself forward, hoping to press his whole body tightly against the roof to avoid the impact. However, in an instant, Wen Shao grabbed his throat, effectively propping up his upper body!

“… " Yan Yin couldn’t speak, his Adam’s apple making creaking sounds, and he could only watch helplessly as the black shadow came closer. His mind went blank—

“Go to hell,” Wen Shao sneered.

The next second, rustling!

Countless small dried leaves pelted their heads and faces—there were trees!

The majority of the car was submerged in the thin and sharp foliage, as if a torrential rain was lashing against them. Wen Shao couldn’t open his eyes due to the lashes, and Yan Yin, caught off guard, had a mouthful of dust and leaves. He finally managed to pry open the hand choking his throat. In just a few seconds that felt like the end of the world, there was finally a “whoosh” as the Jeep managed to drive out of the foliage.

“Cough, cough, cough… " Yan Yin was in a sorry state, but his only thought was: I’m so fucking lucky!

Wen Shao gasped and said, “You really are damn lucky.”

Yan Yin punched his face to the side. “With the police emblem protecting me, nothing can stop me. You know nothing!”

Wen Shao spat out a mouthful of blood, cold light flickering in his eyes. Suddenly, he grabbed the incoming fist and twisted the joint with a cracking sound. Yan Yin felt an electric shock-like pain crawling into his central nervous system along his muscles, causing him to gasp in pain. Wen Shao coldly said, “Nothing can stop you? Dream on!”

Immediately, he exerted force, forcefully pulled Yan Yin’s arm, and used the momentum to rise. With the strength of a thousand pounds, he struck his chest with a punch. Yan Yin didn’t even have time to groan. His body lost balance and slid towards the back of the car!

If he slid down, the twisted car door from earlier would be his fate. Fortunately, in that critical moment, Yan Yin barely managed to grab the tail end of the roof rack with one hand, barely stabilizing himself. Before he could catch his breath, another heavy punch struck his stomach.


Yan Yin spat out a mouthful of water and almost vomited his stomach out. In intense pain, his arm tensed up, pulled by Wen Shao horizontally. Before he could counterattack, he was thrown over Wen Shao’s shoulder, soaring into the air and crashing heavily onto the roof with a loud bang!

Yan Yin lay on his back, his arms crossed, as in that split second, he blocked the opponent’s elbow. The brutal and protracted struggle twisted both of their expressions, and sweat dripped down their faces.

“… Who… the fuck wants to die together…” Yan Yin gritted his teeth, his gaze fierce and sharp from the pain. “You can go die by yourself. I insist on living with Jiang Ting…!”

He suddenly kicked with his bent knee, a lightning-fast and vicious Hooking Leg Sweep. Wen Shao’s eyelids twitched as he felt a fierce gust of wind against his face, caught off guard by a kick to the head. He lost his balance and tumbled off the car!

Yan Yin swiftly sat up, grabbed the aluminum alloy frame with one hand, and turned his head, only to find that Wen Shao was no longer there.

Did he fall on the road? Or was he crushed into a pulpy mess under the car?

Yan Yin, in a sorry state, panting heavily, had sweat mixed with blood and dust trickling down his firm neck, soaking into his shirt collar. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of something and lowered his head to see Wen Shao, who was also panting, stepping on the rear bumper and tightly gripping the spare tire. His iron-like fingers bulged with veins, and his strength was indeed astonishing. Despite the violent shaking of the vehicle and the howling wind, he managed to barely stabilize his posture and didn’t fall.

“Fucking hell!” Yan Yin cursed, but he was temporarily at a loss for what to do. He had to bend over and grab the edge of the car door, feeling the cold air as he flipped into the passenger seat. As soon as he landed, he involuntarily gasped, pressing his abdomen, and unexpectedly felt warm and sticky blood in his hand.

The Jeep roared forward, and Jiang Ting turned the steering wheel skillfully, avoiding the collapsed rocks beneath the mountainside. “What’s wrong with you?” he asked.

Yan Yin’s eyes flickered with a faint light as he casually rubbed his palm along the seam of his pants. “It’s nothing.”

“Are you injured? Let me see!”

“It’s okay, really. Be careful!”

Twenty meters ahead, another pile of rocks flashed by under the right car light, almost blocking the mountain road. Any collision would result in a wreck and loss of life. In the blink of an eye, Jiang Ting stepped on the gas pedal, pulled the handbrake, and the rubber tires screeched as they passed through the rocks, heading straight into the pitch-black darkness ahead.

The passenger door was already gone, but Yan Yin held onto the safety handle tightly, shouting amidst the roaring wind, “Why didn’t you turn on the high beams—!”


Yan Yin turned his head and caught a glimpse of Jiang Ting’s ice-cold and sharply defined face in the rearview mirror.

“We’re running out of fuel,” he answered softly.

Yan Yin’s pupils suddenly contracted.

“Yan Yin, listen to me.” Jiang Ting calmly spoke, his gaze fixed on the windshield. Just beside him on the left was the abyss of a pitch-black cliff. “You have a dagger at your feet, and there’s a gun on the back seat. Try to reach for them. The road is too narrow here, and your side is close to the mountain wall. It’s too dangerous to jump out of the car…”

“Shut up!”

“When I count to three, I’ll veer the car to the left. When I shout ‘jump,’ you jump immediately. If you don’t manage to jump out, then…”

“I told you to shut up!” Yan Yin finally reached for the gun on the back seat, forcefully placing it in Jiang Ting’s waist holster. Then he picked up the dagger, opened the compartment, and stared at the pile of explosives with bloodshot eyes.

The metal spheres were wrapped in a dense tangle of wires, seemingly just a palm’s distance away, but he knew that a collision would happen in an instant.

Even if Jiang Ting could drive until the last moment on this terrifying road of death, when the gasoline ran out, the tires would naturally come to a stop.

Their lives were now counting down by the minute.

“Fuck!” Yan Yin cursed, tracing the wires with the knife, his voice hoarse. “How the hell do I deal with this? Can I just cut the wire directly? Which one should I cut? Should I just dismantle the dashboard?”

Suddenly, Jiang Ting reached out and grasped his bloodied fingers in his palm.

“Listen to me, Yan Yin,” even though the headlights only illuminated a small area, there seemed to be a gentle glow in Jiang Ting’s eyes. “There’s something I haven’t told you…”

“In fact, it’s not just Wen Shao who has problems with emotional perception. I do too.”

Yan Yin stared at him, transfixed.

Jiang Ting’s hand was extremely cold, but his palm was dry and sweat-free, as if nothing could shake the firm and steady power deep within his soul, regardless of what happened.

“I doubted myself in terms of emotional perception during my entire youth. I didn’t have a family and didn’t want to make friends. I had no reaction to love. After I started working, I had no personal concern for my subordinates, and I only dealt with my superiors when necessary. To me, the camaraderie of those who fought alongside me was merely an obligation. I isolated myself from all social relationships. Among all known human emotions, the only one I could truly experience was hatred.”

Jiang Ting paused and continued, “I hate Wu Tun, I despise being controlled. I want to destroy their spiderweb-like network of interests. Apart from that, I have almost no other feelings. But then I met you.”

The collapse of the rocks on the right side of the jeep, next to the mountain wall, was visibly increasing, as if foretelling an unusual road condition ahead.

The fuel was getting closer to the bottom line, and the warning lights kept flashing.

“If I had met you when I was young, many details that determined my fate might have been different. I might have started a wonderful relationship early on. But fortunately, we met not too late, at least allowing me to face the self I dared not confront before and the emotions I had never admitted—I want revenge, not out of any sense of responsibility or sacrifice, but because I truly miss those comrades with whom I spent my days and nights. It’s reaching a point where I can no longer face myself.”

Jiang Ting took a deep breath. He didn’t look at Yan Yin, and there was a slight trembling in his voice:

“Similarly, when I ask you to jump out of the car, it’s not out of innate goodness or a sacrificial spirit, but because you are my lover.”

The sound of the wind suddenly disappeared, and the clamor turned into silence. The long night unfolded before them.

At the end of that journey, there were faint, twinkling points of light, like stars.

Yan Yin leaned down and placed a kiss on Jiang Ting’s temple, his voice hoarse, “Open the car door. When I count to three, we’ll jump together.”

Jiang Ting smiled, a hint of melancholy in his expression. “But on my side, there’s a cliff…”

This mountain road was traveled clockwise, as if from the very beginning of the story, today’s ending was destined.

But Yan Yin persisted, “Open the car door.”

Jiang Ting’s gaze shifted, and the two briefly locked eyes in the dimness, with Yan Yin’s rusty and passionate breath brushing against his lips.

“…” Like countless gentle compromises they had shared before, Jiang Ting steered with one hand and opened the driver’s side door with the other.

In the next moment, he felt Yan Yin grab his wrist tightly, and Yan Yin leaned out of the passenger door, climbing onto the swaying roof of the car.

—What is he doing?

Before Jiang Ting could react, he suddenly saw a flashing red and blue light in the rearview mirror. Several police cars accelerated and caught up with them. Faint shouts from loudspeakers could be heard in the northern wind, but the content was muffled and difficult to make out.

Zoom! Jiang Ting turned his head at the sound and his expression changed abruptly.

Yan Yin clung tightly to the roof of the car, his feet pressed against the driver’s side door, hanging in mid-air with his back facing the cliff. A slight misstep could send him plummeting into the abyss!

“Don’t be afraid! I’ll protect you!” Yan Yin shouted in the biting cold wind. “I’m here!”

“…What are you doing?!” Jiang Ting exclaimed in shock and anger. “Get back up!”

“Jump! I’ll hold you!”

“Get back up!!”

“Ahead… 900 meters…”

The police cars, speeding like lightning, were getting closer. Finally, a few words could be heard on the wind, the hoarse voice of Captain Yu:

“The road is completely blocked…”

“…Landslide, road blocked 800 meters away, jump out immediately! I repeat, road blocked 800 meters away, jump out immediately!!”

At the back of the car, Wen Shao’s eyes contracted violently.

Yan Yin and Jiang Ting turned their heads simultaneously to look ahead. The headlights faintly pierced through the darkness, revealing a towering black wall rapidly approaching in the distance!

“Do you hear me?! Jiang Ting!” Yan Yin’s roar almost broke his voice. “Get out! Right now!”

“For fuck’s sake, get up there! I’m begging you!!”

“Jump!! Or I’ll blow up with you, damn it!!”

The massive mountain, solidified after the collapse, was now right before their eyes. It seemed as if the Grim Reaper had spread its bone wings, suspended in mid-air, engulfing Jiang Ting’s pupils—

“Jiang Ting, listen to me. I love you. We’re both winners this time.” Yan Yin’s tone suddenly turned pleading, trembling as he spoke. “Come on, don’t be afraid. I’ll definitely hold onto you… Jiang Ting!! For fuck’s sake, get out! For fuck’s sake, jump—!!”

The boulders arrived in an instant.

Uncontrolled roars reverberated through the mountain ravine. In the next second, Jiang Ting leaped out of the car.

Looking down from a high vantage point, the whole world turned silent. Yan Yin was propelled into the air by the force, with the fierce wind howling at high speed. He spread his arms tightly around Jiang Ting.

The jeep crashed into the mountain wall—


A bright fireball erupted in the sky, and in that intense light, the two inseparable figures were thrown out in an arc, plunging into the unfathomable abyss.